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Rated 4.9 Stars By Our Customers

Salon-Quality Styling Without The Hair-Damaging Heat

From beautiful barrel rolls to straight, shiny hair, Pure AirCurl lets you have it all. Dry and style at the same time without damaging your hair thanks to this all-in-one styler.

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We are huge fans of the Pure AirCurl. A small step in technology but a big step for women everywhere!


It’s no surprise that AirCurl is getting so popular among women everywhere. We wish this product was invented 20 years ago!


The team behind the AirCurl has truly accomplished something remarkable. We predict it won’t be long until every woman in the world owns one of these!


Our readers voted and the winner of this years' best beauty product is AirCurl. The money, pain, time and effort this saves is incredible!

For Hair So Beautiful It Looks Like You Just Stepped Out Of The Salon

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How Does It Work?

Order Your Pure AirCurl Device (Order today and get 50% off for a limited time.)

Use your Pure AirCurl for bouncing curls or silky straight hair and if you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund.

Save time and money when you dry and style all in one sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Rated 4.9 Stars By Our Customers


For “All-Day Hold” Now You Can Dry And Style Your Hair In One Sitting

On average you will spend $55,000 on grooming and styling your hair. What if you could enjoy the same salon quality look, save some money, and enjoy healthier hair all at the same time?

The traditional way of styling hair uses heat that damages hair, leaving it brittle and fragile. Luckily, air styling works just as well if not better than heat, leaving hair gorgeous and healthy.

That’s why we invented Pure AirCurl. It’s quickly growing in popularity because the results speak for themselves. No more scorched hair, just the beautiful salon-quality look without the price tag.

  • Easy To Use - With the quick cooling tech, you can go from one brush head to the next without the risk of scorched fingers. Confidently choose any type of look you want.
  • Save Money - Compared to a visit to the salon, Pure AirCurl is a fraction of the cost. With all the different styles for you to choose from, there’s nothing that Pure AirCurl can’t do at half the price of similar devices.
  • Save Time - Now you can dry and style your hair at the same time. No need to waste your day styling your hair. Pure AirCurl works to style and dries your hair at the same time.

How Pure AirCurl Works...

Stunning Hair The Natural Way

Pure AirCurl’s secret to stunning results is in an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect. The science was first discovered over 200 years ago and has since been harnessed by this affordable styling wand. The results are incredible.

5 Detachable Brush Heads

Your Pure AirCurl comes with 5 detachable brush-heads that are simple to use and easy to switch out. Now you can curl, dry, or straighten your hair with ease.

Healthier Hair With Each Use

The negative ion technology allows you to dry your hair while simultaneously preventing any unwanted static.

Customizable For Your Needs

Your hair is unique. That’s why Pure AirCurl comes with 3 levels of temperature adjustment. Now you can get the perfect look you’re after whether you have thick, thin, wavy or straight hair.

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Rated 4.9 Stars By Our Customers

Pure AirCurl Ads Volume, Saves You Money, And Is Easy To Use

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Eloise J. - Tulsa, OK

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Mary D. - Camden, NJ

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Summer J. - Redmond, WA

Healthy Hair Or Beautiful Hair? Now You Can Have Both

If you want the convenience of choosing any hairstyle you want, without scorching your hair with excess heat, now you can.

When it comes to your hair, you shouldn’t have to choose between healthy or beautiful. With Pure AirCurl, you get to enjoy both.

Instead of spending $55,000 over your lifetime on grooming and styling, you can get Pure Aircurl, and the 5 brush attachments for just $149 (down from $229).

Get your Pure AirCurl once, and enjoy all the same styles you would get from a trip to the salon.

Now that you’ll be able to dry and style your hair at the same time, think of all the extra time you’ll save while still enjoying any style you want. What’s not to love about Pure AirCurl?


Rated 4.9 Stars By Our Customers

173 Reviews

Lyn I.


I love that I don’t have to use a lot of styling products when I use the Pure AirCurl. The technology seems to help my hair to hold the proper shape the first time, without the use of gels.

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Product 2 Buy 2 AirCurl(s)

Amy B.


I love this thing! I used it for the first time today, using the barrel roll to create beautiful curls for my night out on the town. It worked like a dream, and it took no time at all.

Review 2
Product 1 1 AirCurl

Jaime P.


I was late to work and needed to look professional. I found the Pure AirCurl was super easy to use because it dried my hair into the proper shape. I didn’t have to spend time drying, styling, and redoing it.

Review 3
Product 1 1 AirCurl

Sandra B.


After much deliberation, given the price, I bought it anyway. But for me it's worth the money. Easy to use, hair drying and styling is much faster and saves half in time, many functionalities and therefore many hairstyles possible, hair stays in shape for a long time and the hair remains healthy. (no damage) And it.

Review 4
Product 2 Buy 2 AirCurl(s)

Jackie S.


It's awesome. I have only used the hairdryer so far. it makes very little noise, so you can also use it late at night.

Review 5
Product 3 Buy 3 AirCurl(s)

Vivian M.


It has amazing features. I bought this a month ago and I use it everyday. My hair looks healthier and fuller thanks to Pure AirCurl!

Review 6
Product 1 1 AirCurl

Got questions?
We’ve got you covered

It’s simple. Air blows through the styling wand which allows your hair to dry in place. This allows you to save time by drying and styling your hair at the same time.

The two temperature settings offer one for cooling, which creates a high wind speed but a low temperature. It's great for the summer months. The second setting is for a lower wind speed with a bit of a warmer temperature.

No, I found that it was far faster than trying to blow dry and style hair separately. It was quite efficient overall, reducing the time I spent drying my hair. It's in my bag now, so I can use it on the go, too.


Rated 4.9 Stars By Our Customers